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The National MPS Society

Patient Advocacy, Photography

The Challenge:

To provide promotional support for the National MPS Society, especially in terms of helping to increase the Society’s visibility during MPS Awareness Day and encouraging pediatricians to keep MPS top-of-mind. The MPS disorders are rare, most often occur in childhood, and can be extremely debilitating.

The Solution:

The Join the Search campaign was developed and executed, with upbeat and evocative pictures of children with MPS—taken in their own home environments—the centerpiece of the campaign’s success (all photography was done in-house by a WAM photographer). Crisp, friendly copy and layouts further supported the personalization and humanization of these kids. This campaign lives on, as the poster exhibit travels around the country, and has proven extremely effective in terms of raising the awareness level of MPS among the general public and the pediatricians who are the “gatekeepers” to correct and timely diagnosis.